Manulife online access is a digital platform designed to provide our Canadian customers with faster, easier, safer account access.

Watch a video walk-through about setting up your Manulife Investment Management access through Manulife online access.

See how easy it is to access your Securities account through Manulife online access.

How to find and download your investment documents

Do I have a Manulife ID

Not sure? Tips to find out are in this video.

Why do I need a one-time code?

A one-time code helps keep your account safe.

Go Paperless!

Here's how.

Manulife Securities account

How do I see my Securities product?

This short video will show you how to connect your account and see your investment details right away.

Family access allows Manulife Securities clients with Manulife online access to share view-only account access.

Manulife Investment Management account

Mutual Fund accounts and Segregated fund contracts only, are accessible through Manulife online access. 

Access your Manulife Investment Management account in 24 hrs

A quick video walk-through will show you how easy it is to access your Investment account.